Monday, October 26, 2009

Leaving Sydney

Paul - Monday 26 Oct 2009. Yesterday I saw Heather off at the airport now it’s my turn to travel.

Here come my plane

Heather is on her way to attend a seminar in Budapest as part of her work. Once the seminar is over we will meet up in London and spend some time touring the UK.

It was not possible for Heather and I to travel together as her tickets were booked by the client and mine were purchased using Heather's Frequent Flier points. 

Off to the airport and flying British Airways to Heathrow, via Singapore. The flight was great, the service excellent, food was quite palatable with a glass of red wine and I had three seats to myself. 

The sun sets and I had a nap before arriving at Singapore.

The only hiccup was the discovery of a lack of Mobile Phone International Roaming during the first leg stop in Singapore, thank you Optus for turning it off. This could of presented problems if either one of us needed to contact the other. 

I managed some sleep on the Singapore to Heathrow leg and had the company of a couple who had visited their son and daughter-in- law in Broome QLD.

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Heather in Budapest

Heather - Monday 26 Oct 2009. Budapest is an absolutely beautiful city, made up of two separate cities on each side of the river – Buda and Pest. I stayed in the Marriot hotel (on the Pest side – no comments thanks Adam) and had a splendid view looking the Danube and the palace on the other side of the river (the Buda side).

The buildings are tall and limestone in the city. There are people everywhere. I went into the Hungarian office straight after arriving to get some work done so I could then start to enjoy the visit. I left my mobile in the taxi and was promptly advised that if something is dropped, it is lost forever.  The taxi driver did however return my mobile. The manager I visited in the office did exactly the same thing that night on the way to the dinner with the sponsor. Nothing like starting a trend.