Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Museum, History and Dinner with Friends.

Heather - Wednesday 4 November 2009

The wind was lazy, going straight through you accompanied by sporadic rain on the day we went to visit the Black Country Living Museum. The museum was definitely a treat, set up as a town in the early 1900s complete with people dressed in the time, transport, shops, school and industry We toured the mine. I don’t know how the miners worked in such conditions. The pit ponies definitely had a mind of their own. It is good to see that the owner of the Dudley mine refused to leave the pit ponies down the end of the mine at the end of the day.

Gregory’s General Store

Street Scene at The Black Country Museum

The Hardware Shop

The Hardware Shop

The Rolling Mill

The skies opened up mid afternoon and it was decided that it was about time we stopped getting wet and started getting dry. Once dry however we did go for a walk around Dudley and passed the zoo, renowned for its bear pit. We decided to give this a miss. The apes were swinging happily in the soggy weather and we could see them above the walls as we passed by.

Dudley is definitely suffering from the economy and appears to have high unemployment. It is easy to see with the mining heritage where the tough attitude and stubbornness arises.

We met with Glynn and Karen for a fantastic dinner and most enjoyable evening.

Paul and Glynn got on famously. I could well believe they are related. Techheads

Collette congratulations for new job.

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