Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rain, Tapestries, Tea, Memorial and Pubs.

Heather - Sunday 1 November 2009
We found Lichfield and were promptly drenched. I must say the wind in lazy as it goes straight through you.

Dr Samuel Johnson

Dr Samuel Johnson - Market Square

Went shopping for umbrellas and ended up with a pair of jeans, socks and shirts for Paul which came to the same amount as a pair of jeans in Sydney! No umbrellas so we continued to get wet.

History of Lichfield Heritage Centre – The Millennium tapestries representing 1,000 of history of Lichfield.

(tapestries for the first 1000 years created in 1,000 are in the guild hall)

Visited The Tudor of Lichfield, a Tea Room in a black-and-white, timber-framed building Built in 1510 dating back to the time of Henry Tudor.

(Paul - Strangely, I was able to walk around an show Heather the landmarks and memories of my childhood without the aid of a map or directions. Not bad after 45 Years! I found myself feeling quite at home.)

The Tudor of Lichfield

Recommended to a B&B in Whittington – no one at home. Located last place of residence in UK. We called in at the Dog hotel has recently been taken over and were not operating accommodation. Whittington appears much as Paul remembers with although it looks a little smaller.

The Dog Looking down Main Street

Went for a drive around neighbouring villages.

Arboretum War memorial – tasteful and majestic sight and in preparation for poppy day. All those names from WWII onwards. Terrible loss to England who has paid dearly for freedom with its sons. Was bitterly cold.

The National Memorial Arboretum

Stayed the evening in Fradley, Lichfield – Premier Inn (Behind the Fradley Arms) Highly recommended.

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