Thursday, October 29, 2009

Arriving in London

Thursday 29 Oct 2009. England was great. I met up with Paul in Heathrow and collected the hire car. Paul was given a GPS for the trip so with directions from two reliable sources, we circled Heathrow twice in an effort to leave and made for Windsor in order to give our respects to the Queen. It was rather late when we arrived so we only walked around the outside of the castle and grounds. These were amazing.

Windsor Castle from the Long Walk

The only way to describe Windsor is as a tourist trap. By the way, small street signs are half way down the streets. It does seem strange to drive on cobblestones. We got lost and found a replica of the Queens steam engine so we are keeping an eye out for steam trains for dad. We are planning to go to Trent Valley Railway this week.

Windsor Castle

Having been in the UK for only 3 hours, I was amazed to see one England’s exotic animals - a squirrel. They are lively and very cute little creatures.

We travelled about a fifth of the length of England in an hour and a half and stayed my first night in the UK outside of Coventry in a small suburb called Kenilworth. It’s rather like holidaying in Abermain.

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