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This is the Travel Blog of Heather and Paul and serves as a diary of our UK trip in 2009. It still is a work in progress, so come and visit again. 

I (Paul) was originally born in Lichfield, England, Our family emigrated to Australia, Heather's Grandfather came from Kirkby-in-Ashfield.

In late September 2009, my wife Heather and I were fortunate to be able to take advantage of a conference that Heather attended for her work. I met up with her afterwards in London and we had a 12 day whirlwind trip around part of the UK, touching on the Cotswold's, The Midlands, London etc, visiting more towns than I can remember, and shooting 1200+ photos.

This was Heather's first visit and my first return visit since emigrating to Australia in 1965, when I was 6 years old.

We had a wonderful time, I re-experiencing places of my early childhood and Heather visiting the home town of her grandfather. The weather was not too cold and the people we met warm and friendly.

Next time we would like to take at least a month, so we can do more at a less frantic pace. We would like to have met up with more friends and family than we did. 

A GPS logger would have been helpful to identify where some photos were taken and nice wide angle lens would be good too. ;-)

We both had a great time and hopefully will visit again.

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