Friday, November 6, 2009

London Sights

Heather - Friday 6 November 2009 
London – not as cold as the Midlands but with many more people. Tube is efficient and should defiantly be implemented in Sydney. Sardines are not bad if only conducted for 5 mins at a time.

Announcements were informative and you were not left guessing. The history aspect is quite enticing. We walked around to find the reconstruction of the globe theatre.

It was rather a large building and sticks out enormously. I was surprised to find out that Paul spent a day looking for it in the spot where it was and could not find it. I suspect it was a case of “turn around and look up”.

Tower Bridge and The Tower of London

The Tower of London and Tower Bridge – blue and ornamental. Unfortunately the cost of entry was too much for the Scottish / Midland heritage would permit us to pay. Being daylight robbery I was wondering whether the operators should be locked up.

We did however walk to The Monument which is to the Great Fire of London in 1666, where it began in a Baker’s shop in Pudding Lane. I got half way up and realized that I did not appreciate heights. Paul made it all the way up and took some photos of “London through Chicken Wire” for pigeon defence.

Street Scene near St Paul's Cathedral

We walked through Covent Garden, Soho and Oxford Circus. The dance shops show 10% off for dance students. Bloch was prominent on a street corner being proudly Australian. There were many shows on offer and had we not been passing through, might have contemplated attending one. The Christmas lights were on and the shops were open.

After walking since 10am and not bothering with lunch etc, we were slightly damp when we got to Garfunkel’s in Oxford Street. Highly recommended and enjoyable time. Paul decided he would have a Becks beer. The waitress however was mortified as only the non alcoholic version of the beer was available. She refused to give him a Becks. A London Pride was supplied instead. According to Paul it definitely puts hair on the chest.

Peak hour on the tube was an experience. Crushed for short periods of time.

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