Thursday, November 5, 2009

Enigma, London and Disinterested Staff

Heather - Thursday 5 November 2009
Went to Merry Hill on the advise of Glynn, Karen and Colette in order to do some last minute shopping.

Bletchely Park was definitely worth visiting however as always, time was too short. We attended an hour and a half tour of the site with one of the best guides I’ve had. She was knowledgeable, friendly and easy to listen to. Bletchley House was definitely a treat as the mansion had been bought and owned by Sir Hugh (Sammy and Fanny Leon) and then added on after each of their holidays. Roman wing, Italian, Germanic, Gothic. Each wing entirely different. 

The park itself was fascinating and the way the war effort was progressed was clearly outlined. The re-construction of the Enigma and the Colossus machines were demonstrated by a gentleman known as Graham. 

The Reconstructed Colossus

The Lake at Bletchley Park

We were definitely unwilling to leave at the end of the day and head to London. It was a 2 and a half hour, 60 mile, drive to London in traffic. It was still better than Sydney traffic. We arrived finally at Hounslow to stay in an Etap hotel. Finally locating a park (as the hotel car park was bolted) we booked and were advised where to park. Just as far away as where we had parked which charged for parking. We were almost locked in for the evening as well. If Paul had a saw, he would have cut through the boom gates, since all we needed to do was drop our luggage at the hotel and then return the hire car. In all, the only issue with the ETap hotel was the disinterested staff which really do not do the hotel credit.

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